Robin Smith Story

I’m a man that deeply cares about people, especially those closest to me. Early in my professional career, I met a special woman and we fell in love. She was bright and funny, and successful with her own career. We were heading down a path that looked to be leading to marriage when out of the blue, she had a massive stroke. This meant immediate life changes for both of us. I knew I had to step up and help her for the long run so I took over that day to become her caregiver. She had 6 months of intensive physical rehab, speech, and memory therapy in a full time rehabilitation facility. During that time I moved into her condo to take care of her affairs and I visited her every day. After she had been back home for a while we realized our relationship had dramatically changed. We became more like brother and sister than lovers. After 3 years, we knew this was not going work out so we went our separate ways. I think this is one of the biggest reasons I never married.

Emotional moments always come back to me. One Christmas, my two oldest brothers came home from the Navy. They started playing and singing carols for all the relatives. I was proud of them and loved them so much, I had to leave the room to hide my tears because I knew they would soon have to leave again. It was heart- breaking for me. I grew up feeling closest to my brothers: Randy, Darrell, and Gary. I was the youngest of the four and I looked up to them as teachers and guides through my early years. Darrell was mister personality and really into music. He loved doo wop and taught me and my brothers to sing and harmonize together. He was the reason music became a big part of my life.

I also need to give my father and mother major credit here. Dad was an amazing guy with an indomitable spirit. He was an inventor, owned a very successful machine shop and gave us a great family life. I learned perseverance from Dad. He gave me the determination to take on anything. He also taught me how to make things with my hands and how to work on cars. Mom was the sensitive one, always taking care us. She truly was responsible for making a loving home for us, and teaching us how to be caring and responsible people. I think I get my sensitivity from her.

I caught the bug for Hi-Fi during high school and it never went away. The equipment, technology, and high fidelity industry became my passion. This was the golden era of Hi-Fi stores in Southern California. I worked for some of the best ones through my college years, learning about sales, all the latest products, and brands. The Bose line was my all-time favorite.

I’ll never forget the day I interviewed for my first full-time job out of college. It was to be a Hi-Fi Sales Representative in Southern California with Trego Sales, Inc. On the way home after the interview I chided myself for not really asking for the job, so when I got home I decided to call Mr. Trego back. His name was Jim and it went like this:

          “Jim, do you think I’m the kind of person that could do a good job for you?”
Jim replied.

          “Do you think I know about the business and all the products?”
          “Do you think I’d be reliable; did you trust me when we talked?”
          “Yes.” Jim said to everything.
          “Well, if that’s the case…I think I should have this job!”
          Jim started laughing, “That’s the first time I’ve been hard closed on a job position, you’re hired!”

That was the beginning of my long career in the industry which led me to with Bose Corporation and my own ventures in the business. It included opening an independent audio and video store with my best friend from college. That went really well, until the California economy crashed. We had to closed that business but parted on good terms and are still friends today. After some very difficult times, including bankruptcy, I was offered a corporate position at the Bose headquarters in Massachusetts. Like my dad would always say, “When you stumble, pick yourself up, dust off, take the reins again, and move forward.”

During the first part of my career with Bose, I was their Manufacturer’s Representative for 13 western states. The sales side of the business was great but my music and aesthetic talents also played a huge part. Years later when I moved to Massachusetts, I worked with a lot of great musicians at Bose, even playing and entertaining together.

I took on training and marketing roles with the company, creating strategies and promotional materials for the sales reps in the field. I was very successful and moved up the corporate ladder into management positions, but after 15 years in Massachusetts I began to think what was this California boy doing in a cold eastern town with the snow piling up every winter? Where was I going? What did I really want to do going forward? That’s when my brother Randy stepped in and we started talking about real estate. He took me along to several of his conferences and seminars. That’s when I knew, “I can do this.” I have lots of sales training, people skills, and experience. I can create exciting presentations that really move people. So I took early retirement from Bose, packed my car and headed west!

Randy made the transition easy for me and we’re doing great things together. I want clients to have confidence and trust in me above all else. I try to engage clients as a friend…take advantage of all I know about this market and give them honest advice.  The lifestyle In the Coachella Valley is total relaxation…. part old Hollywood glory days, quiet neighborhoods, world class resorts, and restaurants. Over half of the homes here are second homes. People come here get away and the last thing they want is a lot of pressure when buying real estate.

My brother Randy and I remove the uncertainty and fear of buying and selling and turn it into a fun and exciting journey. We have a long list of happy clients…they’re our best form of advertising. One of my favorite compliments comes from a person I helped to buy his first home. He said, “If anybody wants to find their perfect home, Robin Smith is the realtor for you. I love this man; he made my dreams come true. You rock, Robin”

If we’re a good fit, it’ll be my privilege to serve you. Reliable and trustworthy, I promise to work diligently in your best interest. We’ll get the job done with the best results. It’ll be an exciting and fun journey for both of us.

Thank you for reading this letter and considering me for an interview.


Robin Smith
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