Randy Smith Story

Sitting down to write this, I’m reflecting on all the memories and big events in my life. The pain of seeing my young cousin die from leukemia, marrying Dee in my second year of college, and, as a result, my father telling me, “Randy, you’re now on your own.” Two of my scariest moments was on my honeymoon and the day our daughter was born. It’s when I realized I was totally responsible for other people’s lives. Every life is like a puzzle. Each event becomes a piece that shapes your life. Some pieces you control but many you cannot.

I grew up with three other brothers in a very loving and typical nuclear family. My father worked hard building a successful machine shop while mom stayed at home taking care of all of us. Public school, church on Sundays and dinners around the table were normal routines for us. As a teenager in the 60’s, I didn’t know I was living the “California Dream.” I loved going to the beach, days at Disneyland, and hanging around Hollywood. Everything Brian Wilson sang about was in my backyard.

Dad had us working in his shop, earning our allowance money. I spent time there, learning the skills of his trade and how to work with different people. He’d take me on lunches with clients where I saw his salesmanship in action. He instilled a strong work ethic and solid values in me, with the joy of working hard and how you can achieve things from that. What impressed me the most was my parent’s devotion to each other. It was a great example for me to follow in my own married life. My wife Dee and I have been married now for 47 years.

I’m very happy with the person I am today. A successful, honest, well-respected real estate agent working in the Coachella Valley of California. Like every life story, there were lots of bumps along the way. After college, I started in the printing business, managing and running several shops for about 10 years. Then my dad lost his right-hand man, so I went to run his business for many years. When we sold his business, my career path stayed in the aerospace industry. I was very good at managing and selling precision metal parts for airplanes. I was making a good living supporting my wife and two kids. We had very comfortable middle-class lifestyle but there wasn’t much job security. I was working for Boeing when the first Gulf war hit, and the airline industry crashed. Boeing then laid off about 93,000 people and I think I was number 7.

Getting laid off was a shock but getting fired was worse. After Boeing, I eventually found a job with another aerospace company in southern California. I spent 5 years working as their number 2 guy.  I went to work one morning, and the owner said this is when we part ways. Out of the blue I was fired. That was a major setback in my career and family’s life. I had to take a serious look at where I was going what I should do next. In August of 2011, I took one last stab at saving my career. I was so close to buying a small aerospace company but at the last minute, the deal fell apart. I thought losing this business was the worst day of my life, but it turned out to be the best.

God and my wife were looking out for me. The next month, 9-11 happened and the aerospace industry grounded to a halt. Dee and I looked at each other and realized it was time for a real change. Years before, we had purchased a small condo on the La Quinta area. It became our weekend escape in the desert. We used to say, “It was 100 miles…but a million miles away.” My wife and I quit our jobs, sold our house in the L.A area. and moved to this condo. At around age 50, we were starting life all over. I had just gotten my real estate license and decided to try that. Dee became a concierge at the world famous La Quinta resort. All the right puzzle pieces finally came together for us.

Making the transition into real estate was easy for me. When I started, there were agents here that weren’t using computers yet. With my background in aerospace, I jumped into the business with the latest technology. I also attended many seminars and training courses with Craig Proctor. He’s internationally known as the rock star coach and one of the world’s most successful real estate agents. I applied all this knowledge, my experience as a salesman, and strong work ethic to start the DesertSmith Real Estate Group.

I’m not a hard-sell kind of guy! I’d rather lose business than be that way. I want clients to have confidence and trust in me above all else. I try to engage clients as a friend…take advantage of all I know about this market and give them honest advice.  The lifestyle In the Coachella Valley is total relaxation. Part old Hollywood glory days, quiet neighborhoods, world class resorts, and restaurants. Over half of the homes here are second homes. People come here get away and the last thing they want is a lot of pressure when buying real estate.

I often use humor to break down barriers. My brother Robin and I remove the uncertainty and fear of buying and selling and turn it into a fun and exciting journey. We have a long list of happy clients…they’re our best form of advertising. The best compliment, unsolicited, I’ve ever had was from a lady that I helped buy and sell several investment properties. She was so happy with what I had done and the way I treated her, she changed her will so when her time came, nobody could sell it except me. I’m very proud of that one.

If you or someone you know is looking for a real estate agent, I only ask that you give me a chance to discuss all your needs. The market here is changing and growing in different ways. The city is going through a metamorphous with vacation rentals and new zoning laws.

At the DesertSmith Real Estate Group, we have over 60 years of sales, marketing, and business management expertise. We’re ready to show you our unique approach.
I’d like nothing more than an opportunity to schedule an interview with you.


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